Sunday, November 20, 2016

Christmas Conspiracy (First Responders #6)

Title:  Christmas Conspiracy (First Responders #6)
Author:Susan Sleeman
Publisher: Love Inspired
My rating is4 stars.
Jake Marsh is a member of the First Responders Team, a law enforcement team specially equipped to deal with hostage situations, bombs/explosives and investigations.  They respond to a 911 call at a child day care center after the report of a masked man seen entering the facility.  They find the center’s director unconscious.  After recovering, the director, Rachael Long, can’t remember what her attacker looked like.  She remembers pulling off his mask, but that is all.
As the investigation gets underway, Rachael knows she is a suspect.  She doesn’t like it as she would never harm anyone let alone a child.  She soon realizes her attacker knows where she lives and doesn’t know she can’t remember what he looks like as he threatens her with increasing violent threats.  Jake takes her into protective custody for her own safety.  It becomes obvious that Rachael isn’t involved with her attacker, but the attacker seems to know a lot about Rachael.  Jake feels protective toward Rachael and wants her safe at all costs.  Rachael and Jake admit they have feelings for each other, but each has vowed to remain single for guilt-induced reasons, tying them to the past.

Here is another way to spend an exciting afternoon!  There is plenty of tension, suspense and drama packed into this little book.  Jake and Rachael have both fallen in the habit of giving their all for everyone else and denying themselves.  They have both dedicated their lives to helping people in dangerous or poor conditions.  Rachael’s faith has remained steadfast while Jake’s has not seen much use lately.  When the situation involves the heart, will they each trust God completely?  This is another easy gift for the Christmas season that will be sure to please.

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