Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Her Holiday Protector

Title:  Her Holiday Protector (Men of Millbrook Lake)
Author:  Lenora Worth
Pages:  221
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense
My rating is 3 stars.
Rikki Allen arrives at her home to find her best friend dead.  She runs screaming from her home directly into police detective Blain Kent.  Blain searches her home, but doesn’t find the murderer.  An investigation begins and both Blain and Rikki soon discover that each has been keeping a secret from the other.  Blain doesn’t want to be like his father, also a policeman, who kowtowed to the wealthy Alvanetti family.  Blain has it in for this family and won’t back down if he ever comes across them doing something illegal.  The Alvanetti family deals in imports and exports and has made a bundle of money.  Blain thinks most of it has been made illegally.
Rikki has a connection to the Alvanetti family and knows their reputation around town.  She left town years ago to escape being connected to them.  She has returned now to help her ailing mother.  Rikki soon finds out Blain’s attitude toward the Alvanettis and wonders if she will get an impartial investigation into her best friend’s death.  She also learns that her own life may now be in danger.  Blain wants her protected as he is drawn to her, even though he knows she is hiding something.  Blain just knows there is something more to this investigation than what appears on the surface and he is determined to find all the answers.
First off, I don’t consider three stars a critical review as some websites do.  I consider it average…not great, but not terrible.  I just couldn’t connect with the two main characters in this book for some reason.  This is just one of those books for me that was just okay.  There were some tense moments, but the focus of most of the story seemed to me to be more on the family dynamics/relationships.  I found the book somewhat interesting and don’t feel I wasted my time reading it at all.  I hope to read another story by this author to get more familiar with her writing style.

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