Not A Word

Title:  Not a Word
Author:Stephanie Black
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
My rating is4 stars.
Natalie Marsh is a psychologist.  Her father died several years ago after divorcing her mother.  Her mother died two years ago.  Natalie and her mother were estranged as her mother had mental problems and thought Natalie was trying to have her committed.  Her mother was wealthy and cut Natalie completely out of her will, leaving everything to Natalie’s sister, Andrea.  Natalie has coped with this rejection as well as she can, but it still hurts.  She and her best friend Camille have shared a close friendship since grade school.  Camille tells Natalie she thinks someone is stalking her, but Natalie convinces her that she is under a lot of stress and maybe these things that are happening are just coincidences.
Natalie has a new patient with lots of emotional issues and maybe some mental ones as well.  Lacey is under the thumb of her husband, but sees herself as too weak to do anything about it.  She is only seeing Natalie because her husband has forced her to due to lack of sleep, appetite and her artistic work is suffering.  She also has a big secret she is keeping from everyone, including Natalie.
Natalie also is concerned about a friend from her childhood who was like a second mother to her.  Felicia took Natalie under her wing as a young girl and took care of her when her own mother was having mental problems.  Felicia’s husband has died suddenly and she is grieving.  Felicia’s stepson, Gideon, contacts Natalie as he is worried about his stepmom.  Natalie also agrees that Felicia is acting like her normal self, but has no idea that Felicia believes her husband was murdered and that he didn’t die in an accidental fall.  Gideon and Natalie begin to talk about how to help Felicia.  As they take steps to get questions answered and the get closer to the truth, danger leaps to the forefront.
For the first 3-4 chapters I felt kind of lost as to the relationships between the various characters in the book.  I felt like I was reading a sequel as there wasn’t much background information provided.  However, I continued to read and I’m glad that I did as this turned out to be quite an entertaining story.  There is a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming, which made the book that much more enjoyable for me.  As I continued reading, I began to understand more about the characters’ personalities.  There was great tension, building to a peak at the end.  This is my first time reading this author, but it won’t be the last!  I would recommend this book to those mystery/suspense lovers, and I hope to read more from this author in the future.

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