Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Christmas Target

Title:  The Christmas Target
Author:  Shirley McCoy
Pages:  217
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Love Inspired
My rating is 4 stars.
Stella Silverstone is a young widow who has moved in with her grandmother to take care of her after the death of her grandfather.  Her grandmother suffers from Alzheimer’s and is becoming more and more forgetful.  Stella has been assigned duties from her hostage rescue unit that she can perform from home temporarily.  However, one night she wakes up to find her grandmother has left the house in December without a coat.  While looking for her grandmother, Stella is attacked and left unconscious in the woods.  She survives the attack, but is the assailant really after her or did he harm her grandmother too?
Chance Miller, who is in charge of the hostage rescue team as well as Stella’s ex-boyfriend, arrives at Stella’s home only to find the back door open on a snowy night.  He rescues Stella and her grandmother, but he soon discovers they are targets.  The attacks occur again and again, but the attacker eludes capture.  What is he after?  Who is he after and why?  Stella and Chance still have feelings for one another, but in the past Stella was too afraid to risk her heart and losing Chance so she walked away from their relationship.  Chance won’t force a relationship, but as he spends more time with Stella trying to discover the identity of her assailant he realizes he wants more than a co-worker relationship.

These books are sure a great way to spend a couple of hours of an afternoon!  The action starts quick, the plot takes off and there is no drag time in the story.  They are easy to read and to get involved in.  In this story, Chance is such a steadfast presence in Stella’s life.  Even though he gives her space, he isn’t going to leave her life completely.  He knows they are perfect for each other; all he has to do is wait for her to realize it.  The internal struggle Stella has had for many years leads her to a life of loneliness, pushing away anyone who tries to get close to her for fear of losing them.  She and Chance have God in their lives, but can she trust Him to bring good out of her situation?

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