Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wild Montana Skies (Montana Recue #1)

Before I share with you my thoughts on this book, know that a sequel will be released in the spring of 2017 titled Rescue Me.
Wild Montana Skies tells us a story of two adults who as teenagers found themselves in a predicament that caused a radical change in their future plans.  Both Ben King and Kacey Fairing were teenagers when they fell in love. Now, thirteen years have gone by when they are face to face with each other in an unplanned meeting.  Ben’s Dad is recovering from a helicopter crash when Ben returns home to care for him while at the same time his singing career is apparently on a downward slope.  His father hopes that Ben will return to the faith he had as a teenager as well as quit running away from what is tugging at his heart.
Kacey is a single mom and a soldier.  Currently she is on leave when she accepts a temp job with PEAK Rescue to fly the helicopter.  Kacey would just love to shut out the bad memories and sleep without troubles plaguing her.  In addition, her daughter Audrey is just starting her teenage years, making their bonding somewhat like a rollercoaster ride!
Susan May Warren’s stories really hit the heart of this reader/reviewer.  Her characters have flaws, deal with hard issues, make mistakes, and struggle with their faith and more.  The background scenes are so well woven together at times I think I am there witnessing the action, adventure or tempest.  As I read, I wondered if Kacey would be able to deal with her memories in action overseas or be able to help her daughter come to understand her history.  I wondered what Ben was going to do with his faith and his future, because decisions at times have a cost.

Wild Montana Skies shows readers that God redeems us and restores us; He makes all things new.  No, it isn’t easy at times and facing our mistakes can be painful, but He does make beauty from ashes.  Here is one great story filled with danger, action, adventure and more that I hope many will enjoy for days to come.I cannot wait for book two coming out next spring!  Join me in this adventure; you will love it!

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