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Stalking Season (Smoky Mountain Secrets)

The Christmas Target

Christmas Undercover (Echo Mountain)

My Sister’s Prayer (Cousins of the Dove #2)

Notre Dame vs USC

COLTS vs Steelers (NBC) 8:30 pm

Her Holiday Protector

Death of the Couch Potato’s Wife

Buy a mystery and help feed a community! By Amanda Flower

Christmas Conspiracy (First Responders #6)

COLTS vs Titans (CBS) @ 1 pm

Notre Dame vs Virginia Tech

Trust My Heart

Newton & Polly, A Novel of Amazing Grace

My Brother’s Keeper (Christians Who Risked All to Protect Jewish Targets of the Nazi Holocaust)

The Remnant

First Freedom (The Beginning & The End of Religious Liberty)

End of the Roadie (A Mystery for D.I. Costello #3)

A Fantasy sure to engage the youth!

Dark Harbor by Cristy Barrett

Notre Dame vs Army

Christmas Conspiracy (First Responders #6)

Christmas in Hiding

Classified Christmas Mission (Wrangler’s Corner #4)

School House Rock -The Preamble

Not A Word

Out of the Frying Pan (A Cozy little romance…with murder on the side)

The Prince Warriors and the Unseen Invasion II

Magnolia Moonlight (Secrets of the South Mysteries #3)

COLTS vs Packers (CBS) @ 4: 25 pm

Nortre Dame vs Navy

Another Day Another Dali (Serena Jones Mystery #2)