Ben-Hur (DVD 2016)

Title:  Ben-Hur
Studio:  Paramount
Year:  2016
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
I was raised on the original Ben-Hur starring Charlton Heston more than 50 years ago; some people haven’t seen what a masterpiece Cecile B. DeMille put on screen.  The movie won 11 academy awards with an all-star cast and brilliant script.  So what about the new movie?  First, don’t compare the two movies as they are different stories in many ways.  Second, the cast members in the new movie do a brilliant job of drawing people’s heart and soul into the movie.  Finally, each movie should stand on its own merit.
I read the novel that was recently released from a descendant of the writer of Ben-Hur originally written by Lew Wallace; the new book is by Carol Wallace.  Each novel is unique in telling the story of Christ and His interactions with people.  The story focuses on how Christ as a man ultimately came to give His life for mankind.
In this newest version, the ending was really powerful and I couldn’t help but be deeply moved by the scene between two brothers.  I was amazed at the chariot race scenes and thankful the studio didn’t feel compelled to focus on the blood and gore.  The movie focused on the battle between a Roman and a Jew when Rome was oppressing the Jewish people and nation.
These movies, both the original and the newest Ben-Hur, are ones to add to a home library and watch as a family.  Talk about the Jewish people and how much God loves them and came to them and to us so we might someday be with Him in heaven.  Explain what isn’t in the Bible and visit the Lew Wallace website about the museum and the grounds right here in Indiana.  I plan on taking a trip next year to see where Lew Wallace penned his tale of the Christ over a period of 10 years.  I believe there is one manuscript written in Wallace’s own handwriting still in existence at a college library for people to see though I expect it might be moved to the Wallace home or perhaps shared with others in some way in the future.  For history lovers, ones who like adventure, battles and such, Ben-Hur rates very highly in both written and media form!

Consider buying both for your family members or whomever the Lord may put on your heart.  
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