Desert Secrets (Love Inspired Suspense) Author: Lisa Harris

Title:  Desert Secrets     
Author:  Lisa Harris
Pages:  224
Year:  2017
Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Don’t have much time to read a full length novel at the moment?  Are you looking for a quick read between books?  Look no further!  Desert Secrets is filled with action, suspense, overseas adventure and some romance.  Lisa Harris shares with readers a story about a young woman taken captive in the Sahara Desert and Lexi has no idea why until she learns that her step brother has stolen money from some very mean people who intend on getting it back regardless of the cost.
Colton flies planes that help missionaries get into remote areas and bring supplies.  He discovers his brother-in-law is taken captive too.  In time, he finds his brother-in-law and Lexi hoping to end the nightmare for both of them, but it is just beginning!  From the beginning to the end, people will be glued to the intense action to see what is going to happen next to characters in the book.  I like Love Inspired Suspense because the action starts from the first page and usually doesn’t let up until the end.  They are books I know I will enjoy and can read quickly for enjoyment or because I am in between books.
Grab any Love Inspired Suspense and you’ll see faith, action, and romance are part of each book!

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