Fatal Frost (Defenders of Justice #1)

Title:  Fatal Frost (Defenders of Justice #1)
Author:  Nancy Mehl
Pages:  304
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Bethany
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
In her newest series, Defenders of Justice, readers are introduced to a U. S. Marshal character named Mercy Brennan.  Mercy’s coworkers give her a nickname that implies how well guarded Mercy keeps her heart and life.  As readers progress through the book, it is revealed why Mercy protects herself from what she believes will end up hurting or breaking her heart.  Mercy has few friends from within the service and from other agencies, but with danger rapidly closing in on her life Mercy may have to face her past head on!
In a tale of danger, suspense and unending battles, the flavor of a great suspenseful tale is revealed.  The author does more than simply write a good book; she draws her audience into the adventure of the story and keeps them engaged as the plot unfolds.  At times, when I least expected, Nancy Mehl would bring a sudden change into the tale that would ramp up my heartbeat!

Nancy Mehl has written many books in her career and I have enjoyed reading her novels.  Now, in her Defenders series, I was even more engrossed in the plot, the lives of her characters and the suspense that didn’t let up till the very end.  Personally, I cannot wait until the next story of the series comes out so I can see where Mercy is as well as some of the supporting cast.  Keep up the great storytelling Nancy!
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