Get Back Jack (The Hunt for Jack Reacher #4)

Title:  Get Jack Back (The Hunt for Jack Reacher #4)
Author:  Diane Capri
Pages:  358
Year:  2013
Publisher:  August Books
My rating is 5+ out of 5 stars.
We meet FBI Special Agents Otto and Gaspar in the first book of the series Don’t Know Jack. Otto is a short woman who is tasked out of Detroit’s office to lead and partner with Agent Gaspar from Miami.  Their mission is not on the books so they cannot use normal channels and must stay under the radar of other law enforcement officials plus a multitude of other things to avoid.  They are to build a file on Jack Reacher and with each novel in the story line they run into questionable characters, missions and Reacher is still in the dark.
It appears that any time the agents get close to a subject to question them about Reacher, they either show up dead, missing or engaged in some business that may not be legitimate.  The agents find a lead to begin questioning members of Reacher’s former unit.  Seems easy enough don’t you think?  Yet, what begins to happen kept me reading for hours as the plot thickened.  The mystery that started in book one gets more knots to unravel than a shoelace.
For me, this installment in the action and adventures of the agents is the best yet.  Diane knows how to write a captivating thriller with many twists and turns with lots of climactic scenes.  There is a human side to the agents where in spurts they try to connect outside the mission in order to think about “normal” life.  However, neither Otto nor Gaspar seems willing to let the other agent know anything too personal and they end up focusing solely on Jack Reacher.
Another aspect I like of these novels is little swearing and no sexual content, just good honest suspense at its best!  Diane has me still trying to figure out who is really pulling the agents strings and if they will ever complete the mission of building a file on Jack Reacher.  So, if you’re like me and love to curl up with a good book, fast paced thrills and spills, look no further!  I cannot wait to see what the author reveals next for her audience about Jack Reacher or the agents of the FBI!

Join me in the quest to read The Hunt for Jack Reacher novels!
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