Jack and Joe (Hunt for Jack Reacher #6)

Title:  Jack and Joe (Hunt for Jack Reacher #6)
Author:  Diane Capri
Pages:  250
Year:  2015
Publisher:  AugustBooks
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Diane Capri’s Hunt for Reacher series continues on in this latest gripping suspense novel.  I sat and read straight through the book as I noticed that unlike others the beginning of the story starts in first person view of Agent Otto.  Agent Otto is alone in her investigation because her partner, Agent Gaspar, is home seeing if his son is about to enter the world.  Otto is a little woman with a whole lot of mettle in her character, mind and spine!  She seems like a spitfire of woman who is brilliant and rarely takes guff from others either in the Bureau or from anyone else.
I got hooked because seeing the story play out through her eyes was extremely exciting; knowing her thoughts or actions was like watching a movie.  Otto is waiting for a high level army officer to meet her at a base to reveal all she knew about Reacher.  Otto believes she will finally be getting somewhere with this assignment so she can return home to Detroit and handle other cases, but the army officer doesn’t come to the base.  In fact, after that, Otto’s case becomes increasingly entwined with some background players higher up in the FBI office.
Otto also has to wait to move forward until Gaspar can rejoin her as Otto becomes involved in helping stop a shooting at a local bar across from where she is staying at a local hotel.  Otto knows her partner needs his job, especially with a 5th child due any day plus her own personal goals of climbing the ladder higher in the FBI chain of command.
For awhile I wasn’t sure exactly where the author was going to take me as I delved further into the book.  I loved the various nuances that threw me off at times when I thought I knew what was occurring in the story.  The different characters are unique and at times hard to tell how they are all tied together or if they are at all!  The ending was brilliant and I can’t wait to begin reading Deep Cover Jack, which is the latest installment in the series.  I am wondering how the series will end or if it will end as Reacher seems to be always one step ahead of the FBI.

I hope you read the whole series as it really gives a reader a bigger view of the plot, deeper understanding of the characters and suspense for hours of enjoyable reading!
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