Jack in the Green (The Hunt for Reacher Series #5)

Title:  Jack in the Green (The Hunt for Reacher Series #5)
Author:  Diane Capri
Pages:  164
Year:  2014
Publisher:  AugustBooks
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Here is a novella installment in the continued search for Jack Reacher by FBI Special Agents Otto and Gaspar.  Agent Gaspar is a Vet who attends with his partner an annual event at MacDill Air Force Base in order to question another member of Jack Reacher’s former unit.  The elusive Tom Weston is on U. S. soil for the first time in years and the agents must question him before his arrest by other agents.  However, the task proves easier said than done.
I enjoyed reading the continuing story of two agents tasked with collecting information on Jack Reacher, but who continue to become ensnared with other crimes in their quest.  They must remain off the grid per their boss’s orders so they never can stay to solve these crimes they continue to encounter.  They need to gather enough intel to see how it connects with Jack Reacher.

Diane Capri continues to draw her readers deeper into the mysterious life and search for Jack Reacher.  At times, it seems like he is really a good man living off the grid and other times I am never quite sure about Jack.  With so much of the character of Reacher’s life and past still to uncover, I cannot help but continue to read The Hunt for Jack Reacher series as I am curious as to where the author will take readers next, or if and how Reacher might be located.  The next novel in the series is titled, Jack and Joe.  I can’t wait to see what the author has her FBI Agents tasked with now!
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