The Forgotten (John Puller #2)

Title:  The Forgotten (John Puller #2)
Author:  David Baldacci
Pages:  557
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.
The last time we left John Puller he was riding off into the sunset with an unknown designation.  John isn’t usually a man to do anything without a plan, but this time he did.  He had try and forget or get over the pain of his last mission.  Only time would tell if he would be successful.  Now, Agent John Puller is back, not at his best yet but the day was just beginning.  John will receive a call that will plant his feet on Florida soil in what at first looks like taking care of his aunt, his father’s older sister. 
When John arrives, what greets him is another loss.  The longer he stays in Florida, the more clues he finds that something is amiss just like his aunt suspected.  More begins to follow than simply taking care of business in regards to his aunt.  In fact, it’s about to get really dangerous maybe even life-threatening!  There is man who wears a size 16 shoe who is evidently on the hunt for something or someone while working for a lawn care company that pays in cash. 
In addition to the mysterious big-footed man, now there is something about a very rich man who has secrets.  The man will do whatever is necessary to keep his secrets, his lifestyle and people who are treated like slaves a secret.  John Puller can’t be sure who is on what side as he begins to slowly peal back layers of what goes on in the small town in Florida after dark.  As he does, the body count goes up with few clues.
One can never tell by the cover of a novel what is inside.  I knew I wanted to read more about stories that centered on Agent John Puller.  Military, political, suspense or thriller type novels are one of my favorite genres to read.  The only part I didn’t care for in this book were a couple of short scenes that while the author didn’t describe relations between people it was certainly enough to understand.  When I completed the novel, I could see why the author included it as it did bring home a point of human trafficking and slavery.  However, I still could have done without even the few short descriptions.

What I enjoyed was the tenacity of Agent John Puller’s character in solving multiple crimes that were occurring at the same time.  The action, adventure, danger and suspense were at epic proportions!  The author does do a magnificent job of describing the scenes of action so well I felt I was actually there observing it while it was unfolding before my eyes.  So, if you read the book, just skip the few unfavorable parts and enjoy the character of John Puller as he seeks justice, honor and bringing hope to people who were hopeless.
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