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The Senator’s Youngest Daughter

Title:  The Senator’s Youngest Daughter
Author:  Kelley Rose Waller
Pages:  322
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Versive Press
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars!
What if America lost all the freedoms laid out in the Constitution?  What would a person do if their parent stood against a regime and was taken captive?  There are lots of questions that can be formulated when thinking about writing a novel that includes political intrigue, always being watched or on edge because someone just might be ready to strike!
Kelley Rose Walker has written a superb novel that puts before her audience an action-packed story with suspense on every page.  Each chapter is only about three pages long, which keeps the story at a quick pace and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.  As I read, some of the plot seemed like it was drawn from current events, allowing me to imagine plausible scenarios.  I was glued to the book for hours because the characters were crafted in such a lifelike manner that it was easy to identify and feel the tension, sorrow or pain.
I loved how the senator’s family stood up and constantly fought to bring back an America that stood by its Constitution and to reunite a father who was being held hostage to his family.  The constant tension in the novel was really gripping, especially when the family is trying to take the right action without causalities.  The senator’s family is made up of siblings who are married, single, with a child and dating amidst a society that is fraught with danger!
I enjoyed reading how various factions of individuals all over the fifty states started communicating and learning the truth about what the government in the novel was doing.  Each family member had a job to do and through thick and thin they stood together.  They prayed and hoped; they cried and laughed.  It was a feeling of realism that caused me to keep reading, being amazed at the action in the book.  I hope many read this novel as it really is filled with such intrigue and reminds us of what would or could happen if we don’t stand up now and forever be on guard against anyone who would dare to bring tyranny to this land!  A must read for fans of political suspense, thrillers and hope!

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