Witness in the Dark

Title:  Witness in the Dark
Author:  Lynne Larson
Pages:  208
Year:  2017
Publisher:  Covenant Communications
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
I opened the book and from then on pages kept being turned, time flew by and the suspense was palpable!  It was a tale of impulsive decisions that caused catastrophic events in the life of Jennifer Brodie who unwittingly walked into a room and became a witness to a crime.  While the story also includes an occasional reference to Mormon beliefs (which I personally don’t hold), the tale is nonetheless one of endurance during a painful trial.
One can read this tale simply for entertainment and a few hours in a fictional world that ends with hope! It only will take a few hours to read through and then pass on to someone you might know who enjoys suspense filled fiction.  I loved how even though the antagonist was a greedy, mean-spirited individual who was widowed, his little 6-year-old daughter brings heart to the novel.  The book hooked me from the first page till the last and I am glad I took time to read it.  How about you?  Need a quick thriller book to read?  Well, here it is!

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