A Heart felt response to a post/article

A Few Thoughts about a recent article posted on FaceBook by Matt Walsh.  Here is the article for you to read that includes peoples’ comments: http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/matt-walsh-our-modern-opinions-are-irrelevant-gods-word-is-not-up-for-a-vote/#comments

First, let me say that I was awakened throughout the night with thoughts pouring through my heart and mind that prompted me to pray, asking God if I were to respond to the article in any way, shape or form.  When I awoke with thoughts still overflowing from my heart, I knew I was to obey Him and write what I believe He spoke to me.  Let me preface what I am about to say with the thought that just like all other people; I am human.  I don’t claim anything about myself as being special or above others.  Also, I am an ardent follower of Yeshua, the Messiah, known also as Jesus, and that I love immersing myself in His Word and studying it constantly.

Second, with the times we live in, I believe that followers of Jesus must immerse themselves in studying His Word more and more each day instead of the two-minute devotions or others like them that don’t deepen or teach people to study the Word for themselves.  Granted it is easier to read what others have gleaned from the Word, but it doesn’t make a person grow in their walk with God to the depth God wants.

Third, we need to be more discerning about what we hear, see and read.  Don’t take anyone’s word at face value.  Instead, compare their comments with the Bible alongside as the only infallible source.  Also, do your own research into whatever the topic may be, first in the Word and then other sources.  Remember, only the Bible is the inspired and infallible revealed Word of God!  God alone is the source of Truth; therefore, every human being’s words, thoughts and writings are subject to debate.

Fourth, one problem with the article is that the percentages reported aren’t of the majority, but a sampling. There is no information as to the source, or number of people polled, how they were asked, etc.  I know I wasn’t asked.  Were you?  Therefore, there is an extrapolation of a sampling and it is applied to all Protestants and Catholics, which is wrong to do.  It is a sample of a minority, not the majority.  Please keep that in mind when reading the article.

Fifth, the article makes some very good points.  I have noticed myself that while many identify themselves as Christians, they don’t study the Word of God, which is the word of the very One they claim to follow!  So, where do they get their information?  Unfortunately, from other human sources and without doing a deeper study of the Bible.  They allow what they hear, see or read to be their source of truth and therefore can’t or won’t stand up against the overwhelming mass of false information being placed before them.

Sixth, to be a Christ follower is as risky today as it was in the first century.  Some pay with their very lives while others aren’t even willing to risk loss of friendships, family, etc. or whatever or whomever they hold dear to stand firm on the Word of God as their sole and soul Truth.  It is past time for those who say they are Christ followers, a.k.a. Christians, to count the cost, quit straddling the fence and take a stand here on earth before they are standing before the throne of God and their eternity is decided and unchangeable.

Finally, it is my heart’s desire that people step back and really seek God while He still may be found by those who seek Him with their whole heart.  One cannot marry God’s Word to this fallen world’s viewpoint.  God alone and His Word are above all, and are pure.  God doesn’t lie.  He doesn’t change.  He longs for us to seek Him.  May He find we who care, Christ followers, having counted the cost, taken up our crosses and followed Him alone.
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