Fatal Frost (Defenders of Justice #1)

Title:  Fatal Frost (Defenders of Justice #1)
Author:  Nancy Mehl
Pages:  299
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Bethany House
My rating is 5 stars.
Mercy Brennan is a United States Marshal who has spent her life taking care of people either at work or at home.  Her father left their family for another woman when Mercy was ten years old.  Her mother left them in all ways but physical for alcohol and pills, leaving Mercy to raise herself and her younger brother.  Her father has recently moved back to St. Louis to work in the local police department.  He has reached out to Mercy several times to reconnect and she has slowly met with him, but has told him she hasn’t forgiven him for what he did to their family.  Mercy is also recovering from a recent injury when she hesitated to pull the trigger on a young man, who in turn shot her.  Her best friend and police officer, Tally Williams, was on the scene and saved her life by firing at the suspect.
Now on desk duty, Mercy meets her father for lunch.  He leaves abruptly, telling Mercy he loves her.  She thinks it a bit odd, but goes back to work.  Six hours later she is informed of his death and that he had been working undercover trying to take down a drug cartel from Mexico that has been trying to infiltrate St. Louis using local gangs to spread their drugs.  Her father had obtained evidence that could take the drug cartel down, but he didn’t have it on him when he was killed.  The drug cartel thinks Mercy has the info and she is now a target.  Her boss sends her to a place in the middle of nowhere along with another marshal, her ex-boyfriend Mark and Tally, to keep her safe.  However, their safety is compromised almost immediately.  How were they found?  Is there a mole in the marshals’ office?  Who can they trust?

Whew!  There is a lot of great action, tension and suspense in this thriller!  Nancy Mehl brings her talents to the forefront to focus on those men and women who sacrifice themselves to keep citizens safe.  Mercy, Mark and Tally are great examples of principled law enforcement officers who are willing to stand up for what is right.  Even though Mark is a new Christian, he realizes he can’t force a relationship with Mercy.  She is in God’s hands and He must be the one to bless their relationship if they are to be together.  Mark puts God first, even when that is hard to do.  What a great example!  I can’t wait for book two in the series and another exciting tale of suspense!
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