The Lady Fugitive

Title:  The Lady Fugitive
Author:  Ada Brownell
Pages:  442
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Elk Lake Publishing
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Before I share my thoughts on this story know the sequel is titled, Peach Blossom Rancher by the same author.
The tale begins in the year 1908 in Colorado where a young, 17-year-old lady is being harshly treated by her uncle.  Her twin brother, John Lincoln Parks, ran away years before to the home of his deceased father’s sister.  Jenny Louise Parks didn’t join her brother in fleeing, but soon packs up what little she owns, gets on her horse and flees.  Now she is looking for a new life somewhere her uncle cannot find her to drag her back to the ranch.
Jenny would have loved to remain on the ranch where she grew up, but can’t under the man everyone thinks is a respectable judge.  Even the judge’s wife is neither a comfort nor aid to Jenny.  When Jenny takes off, she takes some of her brother’s clothing, hoping no one will recognize her or take advantage of her youth.  Yet, what makes the task so very difficult is the wanted posters her uncle has sent everywhere it seems to Jenny, so she jumps even at shadows in fear.
In time, Jenny comes to own some animals and meets a young man named Michael who seems to be the polar opposite of her uncle.  Readers will enjoy the adventures Jenny has and how she handles herself when danger lurks.  What makes life even harder for Jenny is the loss of the money her mother had saved for her.  The judge never knew about that or he would have absconded with the large amount.

At the end of the book enjoy reading the author’s note about her true life experience that was included in the novel!
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