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The Elusive Miss Ellison (legacy of Grace #1)

Title:  The Elusive Miss Ellison (legacy of Grace #1)

Author:  Carolyn Miller

Pages:  303

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Kregel Publications

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

This story takes placed mostly in a small town in England in the year 1813.  Lavinia Ellison is the daughter of the local reverend.  She is used to speaking her mind and is independent and intelligent.  She spends her days helping the poor in her town, playing on the pianoforte and helping around the house.  She lost her mother in an accident several years ago.  The accident involved one of the peerage in town.  Lord Nicholas Hawkesbury is new to his title after the death of his older brother.  He has come to his country home to put it in order.  After he arrives, he begins to realize the sad state of his estate’s affairs thanks to his brother’s spending on other things.  He entrusts his steward to see to the repair of tenant homes and planting of fields.  After too much time, he finds out his steward is robbing him and not spending the money as Lord Hawkesbury has directed.

Lord Hawkesbury meets Lavinia and they immediately clash.  She speaks her mind about his lack of keeping his word to help the tenants.  He thinks she is too forward for a lady.  Lavinia continues to champion the poor and time and again Lord Hawkesbury says he will do something and then doesn’t.  Lavinia jumps to conclusions as to the reasons why, which makes for more sparks.  Amidst the sparks of irritation are also sparks of attraction.  However, Lord Hawkesbury’s mother has a suitable woman of his station in society all picked out for him to marry.  Lavinia is a reverend’s daughter and not in the same class of society, so she is certainly not an option for a wife.  Nicholas longs for Lavinia, but supposes he should do what his mother wants and what society deems appropriate.  By spending time with Lavinia, see her compassion and have her speak Scripture to him, even while pointing out his faults, he begins to seek out God.

I could identify with the two main characters in that they were depicted as believable and I could relate to their emotions.  They made mistakes, were quick to find the faults in each other’s character while not seeing their own and speaking without thinking often hurting the other’s feelings.  Just like me sometimes!  However, the generosity Lavinia displayed, the compassion for the poor and the self-sacrifice were amazing.  Yes, she got caught up in prideful thinking, but once aware of this she tried to act as God would have her act.  I also thought her living her faith and not just talking about it was great as then she could stand firm in her beliefs when challenged.  The story has a wonderful romance and I can’t wait until book two in the series is released!  This was a great book that will be going on my “keeper” shelf.

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