Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dangerous Testimony (Pacific Coast Private Eyes)

Title:  Dangerous Testimony (Pacific Coast Private Eyes)

Author:  Dana Mentink

Pages:  224

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

For readers who like to know if there are other books in this series here are the titles:  Dangerous Tidings, Seaside Secrets and Abducted.  Each novel focuses on one of the four Gallagher sisters who started their own private eye agency.  Dangerous Testimony focuses on the fourth sister, Candace Gallagher Andrews.  Candace is a strong woman who is raising her daughter after her husband died while in the service in Afghanistan.

Now her life and that of her daughter are in mortal danger and Candace isn’t making it easy for her friends or sisters to protect her from the continuous threats she is receiving.  No matter where Candace goes it seems that somehow the gang after her, known as The Pack, find her and attempt to kill or abduct her no matter who else is around.  Candace is beginning to care for a man deeply, but isn’t allowing her heart to open up to the possibility of love, the reason of which is just one issue audiences will enjoy discovering!

The novel had constant action, danger, adventure and I easily got lost in the tale.  I loved the closeness of the Gallagher family and how each daughter was slowly allowing themselves to be loved and care for by a special guy.  I hope you get to read all four novels in this action-packed series because it is rich entertainment in a small package that can easily be carried and put down when life calls!  Bon appétit!

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