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The 13th Tribe

Title:  The 13th Tribe

Author:  Robert Liparulo

Pages:  403

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson

My rating is 4 stars out of 5.

Jagger Baird and his family are in the Middle East at an old monastery that is still active, but Jagger has come to work as security for a nearby archeological dig.  His wife Beth and son Tyler have come along so the whole family can get a fresh start after a horrific traffic accident that killed their best friends and cost Jagger his left arm.  Jagger especially felt survivor’s guilt, anger at God and frustration.  He has kept God at a distance now, but Beth has remained steadfast in her faith.

One afternoon while on patrol, Jagger spots a teenager observing them from a nearby mountain.  Shortly thereafter, he spots the monks welcoming in a strange man via a door that Jagger was told had been sealed for centuries.  Jagger asks the monks what is going on, but is told nothing.  He takes off to investigate the teenager.  That night an explosion rocks the monastery and an enemy enters, leaving death and destruction in their wake.  Jagger now is in the fight until the end and with the help of his new friend Owen takes off after the bad guys to bring them to justice.

The idea for this story I thought was very original and unique.  There was lots of action and tension that built to a suspenseful climax.  There definitely is left open the possibility of a sequel, but with so much time passing without another book released I would guess one isn’t planned.  The good guys are likeable.  Some of the bad guys not so much, but some of the bad guys are likeable too.  I liked the strong bond of love between Jagger and his wife Beth.  I especially like Beth’s strong faith in the midst of overwhelming odds for a good outcome.  Our society needs good role models of faith to observe from every avenue in the media.
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