Monday, May 22, 2017

The Joshua Covenant

Title:  The Joshua Covenant

Author:  Diane/David Munson

Pages:  327

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Micah House

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Bo Rider and his family are sent to Israel for Bo’s job.  His cover is that he is working for the State Department, but he is really still working for the CIA.  His mission is to uncover a mole within the embassy who is passing critical and sensitive information to the Palestinian group Hamas as well as spies for Russia.  Bo is bored with his undercover desk job, but that soon changes as he foils a bombing attempt.  He reconnects with his friend from a prior mission, Mossad Agent Judah Levitt.  Judah tells Bo some fascinating information that gets Bo to thinking about how to catch his mole.

Then, Bo and his father are skiing when another bomb goes off.  Bo and his family are sent home as Bo has become the focus of an internal investigation as someone is trying to frame him as the mole!  Bo hates sitting and not being in action, but it gives him more time with his family.  The discovery of something from his past connects him with a man who has great knowledge of Bible prophecy and tells Bo about Jesus.  Bo has observed the peace and joy his wife has had after becoming a Christian and wonders what it is all about.  Meanwhile, Griff Topping is trying his best to clear Bo’s name.  Can they find the real mole before extremely sensitive information is acted upon?

I have read all the Munson’s books prior to this one, and I have liked this one the most thus far.  There is plenty of political intrigue, espionage, danger and action for any reader.  The events in the story could have been taken from the headlines of any newspaper that it is how lifelike they are.  I also liked that the focus of this story was biblically based.  Bo’s journey certainly takes a circuitous route as he navigates the world of spies, his own family issues as well as coming to grips with God.  Old friends Eva Montanna and Griff Topping also appear in the story, which I liked seeing this trio’s relationship grow deeper.  What a thrilling adventure!

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