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The Tenth Plague

Title:  The Tenth Plague
Author:  Adam Blumer
Pages:  438
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Kirkdale Press
My rating is 4 stars.
Marc and Gillian Thayer make a reappearance in this second book by Adam Blumer.  The first book is titled, Fatal Illusions, and features a magician murderer.  Marc and Gillian along with baby Chase have been invited by an old college friend of Marc’s for an all-expense paid weekend at an expensive resort.  Marc is excited to reconnect with his old friend, who helped reinforce Marc’s newfound faith at a time when Marc desperately needed it.  They arrive at the resort to find a murder has taken place with frogs all over the murder site.  Previously, a flood of blood had contaminated the water system.  On the wall where the murder victim was found was a scripture reference to the book of Revelation.  Marc knows he is out of his depth in trying to solve this mystery so he calls his old friend Chuck Riley, who also was in book one, to come and help solve the case.  Soon another murder takes place amongst gnats and mosquitos.  The ten plagues of Egypt are being re-enacted by a psychopath.
Meanwhile, Gillian has bumped into an old boyfriend who devastated her in the past.  He left her pregnant and alone to face cruel gossip and the eventual miscarriage of their child.  She hasn’t been able to forgive him in her heart and is still bitter and angry.  She has told Marc about this guy previously and when she sees him again she turns to Marc for advice.  He gives her sound biblical counsel, but oh how hard it is to follow!  Gillian also tries to help Marc solve the crimes.  She also has met a young woman with an autistic son.  They develop a friendship, but soon they are in the sites of a killer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
This story will keep readers entertained as there are many things going on between the different branches of the story.  One thing I like is in the midst of trouble, while still experiencing very natural human reactions, God is still the focus.  Marc, Gillian, Emily and Chuck show their faith with actions as well as words.  Forgiveness is a key element in healing for more than one person in the story.  I look forward to more books of suspense from this author.

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