Bayou Justice (Bayou Justice #1)

Title:  Bayou Justice (Bayou Justice #1)

Author: Robin Caroll

Pages: 282

Year: 2007

Publisher: RC Productions Inc

My rating 5 out of 5!

The action takes place in the Bayou along with a mystery is the work of CoCo LeBlanc in preserving alligators.  CoCo’s parents are gone, she lives with her grandmere and her younger sister Tara there is another sister but she has moved out of the house.  CoCo is still recovering from heart break when Luc decided to leave her at the altar two years prior.

Now CoCo is a believer who is praying constantly for the salvation of her grandmere and Tara who are practicing voodoo.  Luc’s father is gone and his mother sometimes soothes her hurts by drinking, his sister Felicia is wheelchair bound so the grandfather is the one who rules the household.  Beau Trahan is known by the town to be a hard man who rules his businesses with an iron fist and little heart.  He is counting on Luv taking over the casino business however Luc has other plans.

When Beau Trahan is murdered and CoCo gets his body away from alligators she unwittingly becomes the number one subject.  Tension builds throughout the book and the sheriff is known by most people as the small-town kids grew up together.  Clues begin to take such a turn that before long readers will see there is more than meets the eye in this story!  It is a wonderful mystery filled with history and fraught with danger.  I cannot wait to read the second book in the series to see where the author is taking the characters and readers next.  The next book is titled Bayou Corruption join me for more exciting adventure in the pages!
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