Titanis (The Quiet Professionals, a novella)

Title:  Titanis (The Quiet Professionals, a novella)

Author:  Ronie Kendig

Pages:  149

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Task Force Press

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Eamon Straider, wealthy Australian and ex-military man has secluded himself aboard his private yacht that has every luxury.  He has kept to himself after suffering heartbreak of a betrayed love and the loss of a fellow soldier.  He works through his grief with plenty of physical workouts and no interaction with family or friends.  He runs his security business from his yacht with the help of two trusted friends.  The only exception to his non-socializing is to agree with his mother’s desire to host a gala event on the yacht for one of her charities.  What he doesn’t know is that the main force behind the charity for veterans is a long-lost friend.

Ellis Rostov-Leclair has been dead for the past twenty years.  At least that is what the world thinks.  Her wealthy royal parents had her declared dead when at the age of six she was kidnapped and severely injured.  Eamon was kidnapped with her and rescued her, but thought she died from her injuries.  He has felt guilt since then over his inability to save her, even though he was only fifteen at the time.  Ellis knows that Eamon is smart enough to figure out who she is if she is around him for any length of time, so she tries to avoid him, but on a yacht, that is difficult.  Shortly after the yacht is at sea, disaster strikes and the protector in Eamon comes to the rescue of Ellis again, but can he forgive her for her deception of the last twenty years?  He has sworn to never be betrayed by a woman again.  Will he keep his vow?

Thank you, Ronie for writing an account to wrap up the story of TItanis.  I was left wondering what happened to him at the end of book three in the Quiet Professionals Series.  Even though this is a novella it is packed with plenty of action.  I read this story in an afternoon as I couldn’t put the book down until I knew where the story ended.  It was an adventure to be sure!  I’m looking forward to the next series by this great author of military action novels.
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