Meet Author Carol J. Post & her Cedar Key series Part #2

You won’t find a chain restaurant in Cedar Key, or a chain hotel or grocery store, either.

But there are some great local places sprinkled throughout the island. Several restaurants are situated along Dock Street. Many of the buildings there extend out over the water, supported by pilings. For one of my stories, I needed a hotel room situated high enough above the water for the heroine to feel safe, but close enough for a determined villain to figure out a way to get to her. I stopped at Harbour Master Suites, where someone took me on a tour and helped me find the room that would suit my purposes perfectly.

Being the second oldest city in Florida, Cedar Key has a long and rich history. It’s actually a series of keys (the Cedar Keys) and in the 1800s was a thriving port city and railroad connection. Today its main businesses are tourism and farming clams, and all that remains of the old railroad are some pilings jutting up through the water. The Railroad Trestle Trail plays an important part in Buried Memories, so I provided Harlequin’s art department with this picture, shot from the end of the trail, looking out over the water. It was clearly the inspiration for the cover they created.

Reunited By Danger is my fifth and last Cedar Key book, so my research there is finished. But the quaint little town keeps calling me back. Whether enjoying the fare in one of the regionally famous seafood restaurants, relaxing with my husband on the balcony of our favorite Cedar Key condo, or kayaking the protected waters around the islands, Cedar Key will always hold a special place in my heart.
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