Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Jefferson Key

Title:  The Jefferson Key

Author:  Steve Berry

Pages:  480

Year:  2011

Publisher:  Ballantine Books

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Each book I read of Steve Berry’s is for me a lesson in the nuance of historical events and people.  While the book is a work of fiction, at the end he kindly separates the facts from the fiction of his work.  I am constantly amazed at the number of events that have escaped my notice or memory that make the novels all the more captivating to me from start to finish.

Cotton Malone reappears here to help locate his boss Stephanie and hopefully take down a rogue intelligence boss who is using her power for her own self-advancement.  On top of this situation, the current U.S. President must deal with what is known as the Commonwealth, an organization that has existed from over 150 years and consider themselves beyond the reach of the law.  Yet, one President put a kink in the Commonwealth’s dreams when a cipher was created and considered unbreakable.  However, two pages of the Commonwealth’s document is missing and if they are found before the good guys get a hold of them, these pirates will be unstoppable.

What seems like unlinked presidential assassinations may not be true and what else may the Commonwealth have done or is doing to undermine the Constitution?  Steve Berry’s book is compelling reading from the beginning.  The tension is constantly climbing, reaching an unprecedented height near the end that will keep readers on the edge of their seat and up late at night reading!  If you love a really good book to get lost in for a while, look no further because Steve Berry gives readers what they want and more!

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