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Fire of the Raging Dragon (Pacific Rim Series #2)

Title:  Fire of the Raging Dragon (Pacific Rim Series #2)

Author:  Don Brown

Pages:  381

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Zondervan

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Stephanie Surber is serving as a junior naval officer aboard a submarine tender that suddenly is embroiled in a conflict involving Taiwan and China.  Her ship is the first on the scene of the conflict that began when China invaded a small island manned by Taiwanese forces.  China took over the island because of the natural gas abundancy.  Taiwan sends forces to retaliate and the U.S. sends the closest available naval forces to intervene in the hopes of preventing escalation to war.  Stephanie’s ship is sure to see action.  The only problem is Stephanie is removed from the ship so she won’t face danger as her father is the President of the U.S.

Gunner McCormick returns from book one and in this tale, he is advising on the relationship between China and Taiwan, where various U.S. forces are positioned and he is sent to retrieve the President’s daughter.  However, on the way, his chopper has a problem that leaves Gunner promising to God that he will make changes in his life if God will get him out of his current situation.

There is also a Chinese civilian tanker transporting medical supplies as well as ammunitions to the small island to re-supply the Chinese forces.  The first mate is curious about these supplies and opens one of the crates in the cargo area of the ship to make a terrifying discovery.  He is unsure what to do with his discovery, but before he can do anything definitive his ship is intercepted by Taiwanese helicopters and given an ultimatum.  If others find out what is on board ship, what disaster might be unleashed?

For those who like suspense with a military focus, this series is for you.  I don’t have much familiarity with the military, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Thunder in the Morning Calm and now this second book.  The plot is action-filled and will grab the attention from the get-go.  I have liked learning about the military and in layman’s terms how it operates in general.  The setting and conflicts could be taken from front page headlines today, making it current and interesting.  The author writes with a great deal of knowledge and insight into the workings of the military, which made the story more realistic and believable for me.  I look forward to book three, Storming the Black Ice, soon.

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