Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jesus the Jewish Theologian

Title:  Jesus the Jewish Theologian

Author:  Brad H. Young

Pages:  344

Year:  1993

Publisher:  Baker Academic

My rating 4 out of 5 stars.

In searching for a deeper understanding of Yeshua, the Bible, and its Jewish flavor, I enjoyed another of the author’s books so I thought this one might be just as helpful in my searching.  I can say that without exception it really helped me understand in new ways who Jesus was and is, the Jewish listeners of the first century and a deeper understanding of the words of scripture.

Some of what Brad shared were new insights that broadened my view and deepened my understanding of what Jesus spoke.  For me, it also helped remove some of my western thoughts to put the Bible back into its historical context as well as how the listeners would have understood what Jesus said.  Of course, in some ways the author includes conjecture or assumptions as to what someone thought, but those I just read and took them as his opinion not necessarily as fact.

What made the book most enjoyable was discussing it with a friend; it was fun to see what each of us thought, understood, agreed with or disagreed with, and at times what challenged our long-standing views.  I love books that challenge me to think, rethink and be able to defend why I believe what I do or be willing to adopt new views based on what I am learning.  One of the gifts my parents bestowed upon me was a love of learning.  What Jesus bestowed on me was a love to draw nearer to Him.

I highly recommend Brad’s book for a book club, Sunday school class, small group, or just for a person to read alone.  Just know that it will challenge you, excite you, ignite a fire for more understanding of the Master Jesus we follow!

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