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Storming the Black Ice (Pacific Rim Series #3)

Title:  Storming the Black Ice (Pacific Rim Series #3)

Author:  Don Brown

Pages:  356

Year:  2014

Publisher:  Zondervan

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

This is the third book of the Pacific Rim Series, and it introduces some new characters.  All the books in the series could be read as standalone stories.  The setting begins in Antarctica with an Argentinian officer uncovers petroleum sources previously discovered, but kept secret by Great Britain.  Great Britain and Chile come to a secret accord to develop and share in the profits as they both share overlapping territory in this region.  However, now that Argentina is aware of this accord, they join with Venezuela to fight against Britain and Chile.  Britain asks the U.S. for help.

Meanwhile, submarine commander Pete Miranda has been thinking about retirement from the Navy.  However, his superior asks him to stick around for one last mission that should take approximately six months, perhaps a year to complete.  He will be training Chilean sailors on how to man a submarine as Chile is bolstering its Navy due to increasing tensions with Argentina and Venezuela.  Also, Pete’s father is from Chile and Pete looks forward to connecting with family and exploring his heritage.  Pete agrees, thinking this will be an easy way to close his career and during his time he will be up for promotion to Captain, so what does he have to lose?  Boy, does he have it wrong!

As with the other two books in this series, there is plenty of action and tension that will keep readers glued to their seats from start to finish.  I liked the look at the different ways various churches put their beliefs into practice.  I know very little about these South American countries, so I enjoyed reading about them.  The maps that were included were a great help too.  The family interactions also made me want to read further in the story to see how those issues were resolved.  The realism the author brings to the story to me makes the story so much more believable, ramps up the tension and keeps readers involved and invested in the story to the end.  I would recommend this entire series for those who enjoy suspense and action.  There is no foul language or sex, which is such a blessing when looking for something good to read.  These would make a great gift for Christmas, birthday, or any time!
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