Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Seaside Secrets (Pacific Coast Private Eyes)

Title:  Seaside Secrets (Pacific Coast Private Eyes)

Author:  Dana Mentink

Pages:  219         

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

As a reader, do you ever look for something to read that is quick but exciting to read?  I enjoy the many different stories and authors in the Love Inspired Suspense books.  These books include romance, action, adventure and more.  They are small enough to carry around and short enough for when a quick read is all one desires.  I picked up Dana’s book recently from my personal library collection as the picture and the series, Pacific Coast Private Eyes, is about a diverse family who endured tragedy and came from various careers to keep their father’s company operating.

In this installment, we read Navy Chaplain Angela Gallaher’s story about serving overseas and coming home on leave to see if her shattered life and faith can be restored.  While in the town of Cobalt Cove, taking time to face her personal struggle with PTSD, she meets Dr. Dan Blackwell who also served overseas in the same area.  He is recovering from a serious hand injury and unsure if he will ever return to the operating room, because all he can remember are the names of those whom he couldn’t save.

Now, with two threads of the tale going on, another one is added when Abigail’s twin brother nicknamed Tank, contacts her for reasons she has yet to understand.  While she understands her family business is being private eyes, she also knows she isn’t ready to enter that world until she can face her own demons.  Soon, the mystery of Tank’s contact turns into a deeper mystery involving many more characters in the story and discovering nefarious actions going on in the local hospital.  Along with a couple of antagonistic brothers who appear to people as one thing, but might be something altogether darker once the layers are peeled back from their lives.  What else is happening in the shadows of the beauty of Cobalt Cove?  Grab a copy and discover for yourself.

I highly recommend the whole series as Dana Mentink does a fabulous job of weaving a gripping story right from the first page!

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