Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Texas Hill Country Christmas

Title:  A Texas Hill Country Christmas
Author:  William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone
Pages:  336
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Pinnacle
My rating is 5+ stars.

Each year a new Christmas novel is released by the Johnstones that includes some of their most beloved characters.  Each Christmas novel stands alone and the previous ones are A Lone Star Christmas, Rocky Mountain Christmas, A Big Sky Christmas and A Frontier Christmas.  Now we can add to the Christmas themed novels this year’s story, A Texas Hill Country Christmas.

Each year I have read the newest book, enjoyed it and shared my review with you.  For me, this year’s novel is my favorite one thus far with the Jenson family members coming together in several ways that really is genius!  The year is 1975 and a descendant of the Jenson family sits down to tell yet another story of her ancestors to the youngest generation about the “old, old days”.  So, Helen Sievers begins to talk about Smoke, Matt, Ace, Chance and other Jenson members and their family adventures.  This is a new way for readers to learn about the Jenson’s adventures and I loved it!  In my mind, I could see the youngsters sitting on the floor at her feet waiting for the tale to begin.  The tale wove together the main Jenson men and how they eventually run across paths that place them together, but each one has traveled a totally different looking road.

The action and adventure really is gripping, causing readers to not let down their guard or set the novel aside.  How the author kept all the details and multitude of plot lines straight is beyond me, but the ending was worth its weight in gold!  If you like action, adventure, intrigue, old west, rugged and unsettled lands that’s just part of what will keep you reading the Johnstone westerns for a long time!

As stated above, each of the Christmas novels is a standalone but really readers will love each Christmas tale for years to come!  They would make a really great gift for any western fans or book worms in any family!
Merry Christmas to the Johnstone clan cannot wait to see what novels will come out from the book club in 2018!

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