Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dark Deception (Defenders of Justice #2)

This is another great suspense thriller from Nancy Mehl!  I have read most of her books and have found them all to be well-written and exciting with plenty of tension that builds to an exciting climax.  The setting in this story is in a small town in Arkansas in the present day.  Kate is in the Witness Protection Program and living under an assumed identity.  She was the only witness to her sister’s murder six years ago.  It is soon found out that her sister was the victim of a serial killer.  Tony DeLuca is the Federal Marshal who protected her during the trial all those years ago.  Kate developed a crush on Tony, but he kept his distance, thinking she was too young.  Now, new evidence has been discovered that might clear the man Kate sent to jail.  Tony is sent to bring Kate back for another trial.

In this story, Kate has walled herself off from God and everyone else as she has buried her grief and pain over her sister’s murder.  She has put it in a box and won’t open it; it is too painful.  Tony DeLuca has arrived in town to escort her to testify yet again.  Kate doesn’t want to see her sister’s killer again.  It brings back the fear, pain and grief; it hurts too much.  Tony gently advises her to deal with her grief so that God can heal her.  She wants that relationship with God re-established, but can she open that box and let go and let God?  Tony rents a cabin at a local fishing resort, but is attacked and left for dead.  He survives, but he is now on full alert and in protection mode for Kate.  Before Kate can decide whether to deal with her emotions or not or even leave to testify, she is kidnapped by an unseen man.  As soon as Tony discovers Kate is missing, he is on the move to rescue her, but will he find her in time?

  This is a page turner to be sure!  I kept glued to the pages in anticipation to see how Kate and Tony were going to get out of many adverse situations.  The danger mounted and some of the pieces of the puzzle began to fall in place, but how would the story end?  How would the loose threads be tied together?  You’ll just have to get a copy for yourself to find out!  It was an exciting page-turner from beginning to end.  Don’t miss this one!

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