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End Game (Wil Robie Series #5)

Title:  End Game (Wil Robie Series #5)

Author:  David Baldacci

Pages:  416

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Grand Central

My rating 1 star out of 5.

What happened?  How can an author who writes well crafted stories with such detail and believable plots end a series on such a sour note?  I have read some excellent books written by the author, but this is the second time in ending a series the author has failed to write an engaging, in-depth and plausible novel.  Why is it that the other books were focused on the plot, the in-depth plethora of possibilities and then add such nonsense without having any direction or meaning of a tale?

I don’t like reading books that throw in such sexual stuff and tons of foul language in the first place, and most of the books David has written don’t include this type of stuff.  So why does he add a bunch of it to the last book on top of such a weak and directionless ending?

If the author has one Achilles heel, it is not knowing how to wrap up his characters like in the other novels with an intriguing plot.  I love the Memory Man series he has written!  With another installment due out April 2018, I just am hoping he doesn’t try to end the series with a novel sub-par like he has in End Game and his John Puller series where the ending was horrible too.

Normally, I don’t write reviews if I don’t like a book.  Authors work hard to put forth stories their followers will enjoy and share with friends.  However, with two series ending below standards or hopes for readers, I write this with the hope the author will do a much better job with future endeavors when he decides the character’s time is up.
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