Thursday, January 25, 2018


Title:  Plummet

Author:  Brandilyn Collins

Pages:  309

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Challow Press

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Cara Westling has just left an abusive marriage and is starting over in the new town with her teenage daughter.  It has been two weeks since they moved and Cara started her new job as an administrative assistant for the small town’s prominent and wealthy financial planner, J.L. Larret.  Cara has no money, but is able to rent a small house and a so-so neighborhood.  Her daughter is facing bullying at school and in text messages.  Cara initially is unaware of this, but knows her daughter doesn’t like her new school.

Cara is pulled into a coverup of a murder.  She is manipulated and bullied into cooperating with the killer as he/she directs the coverup.  The police start asking questions and Cara is a nervous wreck.  In an attempt to further bind Cara to him/her, the killer offers to pay the tuition at a private school for Cara’s daughter.  Cara wants what is best for her daughter and now that she knows that her daughter is being cruelly bullied, she agrees.  The police continue to question and Cara’s anxiety is off the charts.  She can’t stand what she has done and is losing sleep, vomiting and a nervous wreck.  How can she keep up the charade?  How is she once again the victim?  She wants to be such a strong example for her daughter, but what is she to do now?

This story has got plenty of tension and builds to a great ending!  The timely issue of cyberbullying is depicted in this story, which made me aware of how easily this could happen and the its extent.  My only negative comment on the book is I thought there was too much time spent on Cara’s angst about choices she has made.  However, the story ended with a bang that caught me by surprise!  I have read many of this author’s novels and find them to always offer lots of suspense and plot twists, which make them interesting and fun to read.  I look forward to her next offering with anticipation, and I hope readers take the opportunity to read this exciting story.

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