Friday, January 19, 2018

Trace Evidence (The Heir Hunter Series #2)

Title:  Trace Evidence (The Heir Hunter Series #2)

Author:  Diane Capri

Pages:  302

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Thomas & Mercer

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Michael Flint is an heir hunter introduced to readers in the first book of the series titled, Blood Trails.  In this novel, we read an exciting tale about Michael’s latest hunt.  Michael needs to locate the biological father of a little boy who needs a transplant.  Victoria Beaumont finds the best for her son, her last hope to get what her son needs before time runs out.

While that may sound like a simple plot, trust me, the author does an amazing job of drawing readers into super-twisted avenues of intrigue that captivate readers’ imaginations!  Later, in the novel, the author utilizes the use of flashback to carefully and slowly reveal what happened to the boy’s father years ago.

Like the first novel in the series, this second one was such a gem to read!  There were heart-pumping thrills, and this reader’s heart was pulled in by the dire need of a little boy.  It was a joyous path to travel!  The ending was one of magnificent surprise and exciting conclusion that makes me highly anticipate the next stage on which the author will place her Heir Hunter character.

If you haven’t read Blood Trails before reading Trace Evidence, please do as that will help you understand the main character Michael more fully as well as some of the background action taking place in book two.  Grab the books and get ready to enjoy the suspense!

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