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Saving Faith (Paperback 2017)

Title:  Saving Faith (Paperback 2017)

Author:  David Baldacci

Pages:  528

Year:  1999

Publisher:  Grand Central

My rating 4 out of 5 stars.

Originally, this was published in 1999 and was one of the authors earlier works.  There is a very strong and multifaceted plot that embroils a young lobbyist named Faith.  Faith has been trained and works for one of the most prominent, well-known lobbyists in Washington, Danny Buchanan.  Faith loves working in Washington and doing the multitude of tasks her job requires no matter the long hours.  Danny however is getting to the point where he is thinking of retiring and is getting tired of the amount of energy his job requires.

However, Danny has become entangled with a man who is putting pressure on Danny.  Because of this, Faith notices how much her boss has changed.  In fact, he has asked her to leave the firm.  She is heartbroken because he is like a father to her.  Because of Faith’s past, all she has ever wanted was a home and stability.  Now, to help them both get freedom from the man behind Danny’s trouble, Faith has sought help from the FBI.  What happens next is what she never saw coming!

The author’s story is heart pounding and he keeps readers interested because there is more than one mystery going on at different points in the tale.  I like his books because of the depth of the characters, stories and constant riveting tension in the plot.  Unlike his later offerings with a few exceptions there are a couple scenes that weren’t enjoyable to read because of the content, though I was thankful that the author wasn’t as descriptive or revealing as other authors seem to be.  In the story, there are a few cuss words but knowing ahead of time it isn’t a Christian book, I don’t let that deter me.  I just gloss over the words.

So why read the book?  I read it because the synopsis really did grab my attention and I did enjoy more than 3/4ths of the book.  The other reason I read various books is sometimes to discover what other reviewers haven’t stated is in the novel as well as to see if the author’s tale has merit.  If you don’t like reading books with some of these various additions I stated earlier, then pass this one up.  If you do like these types of high stakes, thrilling books and would like to see more just without the negative stuff in it, write a short review on Amazon to let the author know of your interest and thoughts.  Many authors read reviews and take to heart what readers want or in this case would like to see left out of the future books.

I like being able to hopefully positively influence authors, reviewers and readers alike by writing my thoughts about a book.  Why not write your thoughts on a review and share them?

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