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Splintered Silence (A Bone Gap Travelers Mystery #1)

Title:  Splintered Silence (A Bone Gap Travelers Mystery #1)

Author:  Susan Furlong

Pages:  288

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Kensington

My rating 4 out of 5 stars.

There are times when I am on social media and I see a book in an ad or some people are posting about it because it is a new author.  When I saw this book cover, it intrigued me and the little synopsis I read online drew me to read the story.  One of the aspects of the book that is exceptional is the author’s ability to write a very engaging mystery with a surprise ending.

The second reason I liked the book was because it talked about a little-known group of people called Irish travelers.  Doing a google search will show you more information about these unique people who live in America.  Being of Irish descent myself, this was another thread that brought my interest in the story up another notch.  How the author depicts these fascinating people is done very well, showing the tension between the “clan” and those known outside their clan and referred to as “settlers”.

One of the main female characters is written with a hidden background and her service time in the Marines, various battles since returning to the U.S. and her 3-legged service dog.  My hat is off to those who serve, and though this is a fictional character, I believe the battles she faces reflect what our vets face in various degrees.

There is minimal use of foul language, but there is a part that kept me from giving this book a 5-star review.  It is the short scene on pages 179-184.  While it eventually reveals something horrible that happened in the character’s life, I believe the author could have highlighted the event without the sex scene.  While the author doesn’t describe in detail what is occurring, it ruined the book for me.  I had to put it down for a couple of days until I could finish the mystery without that scene being in the forefront of my mind.

My hope is this richly talented author will forego anything even remotely like this in her next book.  It’s a good mystery, rich in history, and very well written to reflect the reality of the society and broken world we live in.  Authors can write good, engaging and moving tales without the use of sex and I encourage this author to do just that in her next novel.
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