Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Remebering Sandra with Book #2: Hunted

Hunted (Firebrand Book 2)

Title:  Hunted (Firebrand Series #2)
Author:  Sandra Robbins
Pages:  258
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Sandra Robbins
My rating is 5+ out of 5 stars
Hunted continues the story of Firebrand training center and its three founders Ash, Colt and Reese who each have a special skill set that makes these three men remarkable.  Colt is the most skilled sniper and is now teaching others by passing his knowledge onto those who come to the facility to learn from him. Colt’s life is thrown through the wringer when a terrorist and deadly adversary takes his wife, Sloane, captive.
Colt decides to rescue Sloane from the hands of these nefarious individuals who are bent on taking revenge on Colt and his wife.  While the bond of the brotherhood is strong between the three men, this is one mission Colt must do alone though his friends are waiting in the wings to bring aid at a moment’s notice.
Like the previous couple, Ash and Lainey, there is a whole lot of conflict going on between Colt and Sloane after the initial rescue.  What does the future look like for the married couple who haven’t seen each other in five years?  After all, Sloane has made it plain she won’t play second fiddle to the demands of the Firebrand group.  However, is that really the issue of Sloane’s heart?
There is a developing aspect of a mystery as the events in book one may be tied to what is now occurring in book two.  In the final book, which highlights what is happening between Reese and Casey, we may see revealed the final puzzle piece that will end the mystery and perhaps bring people to justice so these men and families can live in peace.  But who knows?  So, join me in reading the final book to see what Sandra has in store for the audience of the Firebrand series!

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