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Sandra's Book #3: Betrayed

Betrayed (Firebrand #3)

Title:  Betrayed (Firebrand Series #3)
Author:  Sandra Robbins
Pages:  278
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Sandra Robbins
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
What a finale!  The series begins with a prequel titled, Igniting the Flame where meet the main characters named Ash and Lainey.  The sequel, Targeted, continues the story of Ash and Lainey.  The next book, Hunted, focuses on Sloane who is kidnapped and her husband Colt who races to attempt to rescue the wife he hasn’t seen in five years.  Now, in the final novel, we get to read Reese’s story and why he won’t commit himself to Casey who is also a member of Firebrand.
I loved how the final novel really lets the readers in on the long unknown reason for Reese believing he must remain single.  When I read the reason and then Casey’s reaction, it was magnificent!  Plus, I loved how the author from the prequel to the end always left some mystery unanswered until now.  Each novel had danger and threats that the men who formed the Firebrand Training Facility had to fight against.  It was a total surprise to read why Reese had kept himself away from Reese, except when they were on missions together.  He knew she loved him and it was mutual, but the fear Reese had for the future really impacted his present.
The whole series had surprises in either the plot or the way the characters interacted, which only drew me into the story more.  There is action-packed danger and twists in the plot that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let me close the book until the end.  I think Sandra Robbins did one awesome job writing a series that weaves together what soldiers and their families might go through even after they leave active service.  If you love military suspense with action, danger and constant movement along with some romance, here is as series you don’t want to pass up!
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