Monday, March 19, 2018

Stalking Season

Stalking Season (Smoky Mountain Secrets #2)

Title:  Stalking Season (Smoky Mountain Secrets)
Author:  Sandra Robbins
Pages:  224
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense
My rating is 5 stars.
In A Killer’s Sights is also part of the Smoky Mountain series for those who like to know if there are other novels in a series like I do.  As I read Stalking Season, it quickly became apparent the affects the stalker was having on the main character, Cheyenne Cassidy.  Cheyenne is a trick rider on horses and recently lost her parents in a car accident, or was it really an accident?  Cheyenne is now employed by Bill Johnson’s Smoky Mountain Wild West Christmas Show along with her trained horse named Patches.
However, before the first show, the stalker makes his presence known while Cheyenne is in a store scaring the daylights out of her.  When she runs out of the store, she is hit by a police car.  From this point forward, the police and Cheyenne are trying to figure out who is stalking her.  The only clue they have is that he calls himself Jesse.  The way Cheyenne met him adds tension to the novel as well as drawing readers into attempting to figure out who the man is and his real name!
I would recommend reading the first book in the series as a couple of characters from In a Killer’s Sight also appear in Stalking Season.  These are great stories filled with tension, suspense, and a little bit of romance to top it all off!  Kudos to the author for writing such fascinating novels!

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