Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Plain Danger (Military Investigations)

Title:  Plain Danger (Military Investigations)

Author:  Debby Giusti

Pages:  224

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

One of the advantages of reading Love Inspired Suspense books, for me, is they are short enough to finish in a day and they are very entertaining to read!  Another advantage is that even when in a series most of them can be read as stand alone.  Debbi Giusti is a new author to me and writes with one foot in the military and another in the Amish community.  Then, she weaves threads of her stories that connect both worlds.

In Plain Danger, the main character, Carrie York, arrives in a small Amish community to meet with her father’s lawyer to inherit a house and land.  The hard part for Carrie is she wasn’t allowed to connect with her father when he was alive, and her mother told her things about her father that are turning out to be lies.  Now, it seems that a killer thinks Carrie possesses a map that is supposed to lead to treasure buried on the land.

CID Agent Tyler Zimmerman is assigned to protect her when it becomes apparent that somehow the threat ties into her fathers’ life of service.  Tyler though isn’t sure he quite trusts Carrie because of the man she works for in Washington as a speech writer.  The past is coming to make both Carrie and Tyler face it with breakneck speed!  On top of that, the face a budding romance that neither of them wants one moment only to possibly desire it the next.

This is a very good thriller!  I love the weaving of Amish and military as Debbie crafts her books, which I highly recommend.

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