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The Man Who Invented Christmas (The Movie)

Title:  The Man Who Invented Christmas (The Movie)

Year:  2018

Minutes:  108

Publisher:  Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

The last couple of years has seen, in my opinion, an unprecedented number of good movies to view.  The genres are as various as the stories they tell, some worth seeing while others perhaps not on most top 10 lists to see.  However, here is a gem that got lost in the onslaught of movies this past holiday season.  With another Star Wars movie released at the same time, any other movie released seemed to get past up or ignored and that is a shame, especially regarding this movie.

I think the title wasn’t the best chosen as it really tells the story of the life experiences of Charles Dickens.  We watched how hard it was for the man to write another blockbuster right after the exceptional story titled, Oliver Twist.  I was mesmerized as the movie took me back to the late 1800s.  It showed what happened to Charles when he was young and how that really tormented his heart and soul.

As he wrote The Christmas Carol, what becomes apparent is the intricate way his life and heart were needing the hope the tale tells readers.  I didn’t realize the hardest part for Charles was facing who he was becoming, what happened to him as a child and how that inhibited his telling of Scrooge.

At the end of the movie, we are told a few facts about the man and book.  When the last scene fades out, we were all touched to see how Charles became a better man or maybe a freer man.  No longer inhibited by hiding his past or from shame, and in turn helping others through his tale to find the same hope available should people chose to allow themselves to change direction in their lives.

Even if one should not desire to own the DVD, at least see this once and maybe consider adding it to your shelf of classics.
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