Wednesday, May 16, 2018

12 Strong Movie (DVD)

Title:  12 Strong Movie (DVD)

Year:  2018

Studio:  Warner Brothers

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

The older I get the more I realize there are many things in time that do slip into my memories, and there are new things to learn all the time.  The movie 12 Strong is a reminder that if we have forgotten 9/11, then we need to remember.  We need to talk with those younger who were here at that time and those who were not.  We need to take them to the site and the museum where memories are told, and our past doesn’t fade.

Here is the link to the museum:

What the movie shows is an action that was decided upon by the President of the United States that was classified until recently.  Now we can know more about what our first response was and the men who carried out the mission.  It is a very moving story.  It is also helpful to enlighten the audience to what those men were facing when they got there, and how by the grace of God they all came home.

I highly suggest that many see this movie, read books and remember as we promised that “We would never forget.”  Now our promise is to teach the next generation of what occurred, who we are as Americans and to remember the family, friends and others who still carry around the heart/body/and soul scars from that day.  I watched it with my youngest son who is 24 and then we talked about what his grandfather did to help my two sons remember this day always.  While he didn’t remember at first what we did, he won’t soon forget what his grandfather passed on to him and his brother when our nation was deeply hurting.

Thank you to all who served that day and those who serve now to shore up this nation once again, so we won’t become victims of those who desire to see us fall and fail.  God Bless America and all who serve from first responder and many, many more!

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