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The Post (Movie)

Title:  The Post (Movie)

Year:  2017

Publisher:  20th Century Fox

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

As I sat and watched the movie, I felt like I had stepped back in time to the days of Nixon in office and what occurred to bring shame to the nation during his presidency.  The brave people and owner of The Post did something that truly was costly and frightening, but press on they did!  I remembered learning how Gerald R. Ford video taped his speech to the American people to be seen later once things in Washington were somewhat contained.

President Ford led our nation through a rough time to bring her back to what she stood and stands for today.  I found it ironic that in the movie the characters were willing to go to court and fight, so the story would get out to the American people after being buried for three decades!  To learn that prior presidents had kept information from the American people didn’t surprise me, but to have lied to the people was something that took my breath away.

Now, I look at today and see many people being banned from various public places, bullied for the President they stand for or with, and the newspapers now being the establishment not telling the people the truth.  The newspaper community tells people what to believe, what to say and frankly they have been caught either withholding all the facts, some of the facts or not even telling what really matters most, the truth.

In all fairness not all reporters are like this, some have the gumption to be honest, truthful and build up the America most people love and desire.  Those who don’t do this want to lie, steal any hope budding and want people to quit showing their faith including praying in a public place before they eat.  Well, today this American is saying she will no longer be silent; she will no longer keep her opinions or knowledge of the True God and her love for Israel to a select few.

I am praying for America, our President and others in government.  I am hoping the media will reverse their current course of telling people what to think and I am hopeful that people will discern what they read, watch or listen to via any media or social outlet.  We all have sinned and fallen short.  Now we can and will raise up a generation that is a faith filled, red-blooded American, proud to live in this great nation and to be friends of Israel and her people.

See the movie and remember that we don’t want ever again anyone in office who spends Americans lives and lies to the public.  Pray that this President will continue to walk the path of leaning on God!  Frankly, it is true that with God all things are possible!
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