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Fatal Mistake (White Knights #1)

Title:  Fatal Mistake (White Knights #1)

Author:  Susan Sleeman

Pages:  400

Year:  2017

Publisher:  FaithWords

My rating:  5 out of 5

I found a brand-new author who writes such tension filled suspense along with faith filled themes her books are easy to get lost in!  In Fatal Mistake, Tara had once worked a government job and had a relatively quiet life visiting her Aunt June’s farm where she grew up.  One afternoon Tara enters one of the buildings on the farm and what she finds changes her life forever!

After recovering from being shot and talking with Special Agent Cal Riggins, Tara has much to process about what she has been told about a friend she grew up alongside.  However, after what she found in the building, seeing his face filled with hated and his shooting her, she decides taking off without anyone knowing is her best option for staying alive.

Cal has found her, and she must return with him so his team can protect her until they find the man who is responsible for so much death and destruction.  As I turned pages, the plot grew along with the suspense, and the curiosity kept me reading for hours!  Susan Sleeman writes very well and knows how to deliver a story that is believable, full of twists and turns, making a reader’s heart beat faster with each page that is turned!

I found that the author writes many different series of novels.  I cannot wait to read them and let you all know how about them.  There is a second White Knights book called, Kill Shot that I plan to read soon.  In the meantime, look up the author’s website and pick one of her books to read.  I think you will be very glad you too found an author who can tell a riveting story you will want to share with your friends and family.
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