Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Indebted Earl


Title:  The Indebted Earl (Serendipity & Secrets #3)

Author:  Erica Vetsch

Pages:  288

Year:  2021

Publisher:  Kregel Publications

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Lady Sophia Haverly, Sophie to her family and friends, currently lives with her future mother-in-law, awaiting the return of her fiancé from war.  He is a baron and they have been friends since childhood.  They share a love for God and each other.  When a naval captain appears on her doorstep, she knows he is not bringing good news.  Her fiancé has been killed, and the new heirs to the home she has come to love have arrived on the same day as the captain.  She is forced from her home.  Fortunately, her brother lives close by, but she dreads returning there as her mother will most assuredly want her to start looking for a husband, after a suitably brief mourning period for her fiancé.  She wants some time away from everyone to grieve, and the captain proposes a trip to his newly inherited estate with her once future other-in-law to act as chaperone.

Captain Charles Wyvern made a deathbed promise to his best friend to make sure his fiancée was taken care of after his death.  Charles agrees and journeys to see his duty done, get Sophie settled and return to sea.  What he doesn’t expect is for his elderly uncle to die, leaving Charles his heir.  Charles hopes to quickly get the estate settled, appoint an estate manager and return to sea.  He also unexpectedly is presented with three young girls dropped off at his doorstep.  His uncle had been acting as their ward, paying for their schooling, but since his uncle had stopped paying the fee, the girls were sent home.  What was his curmudgeonly, stingy, mean uncle up to with sponsoring these three girls?  Accidents happen on the estate and an undercurrent of tension from the local villagers make him suspicious.  His growing romantic feelings toward Sophie make him long for something he can never have, or can he?

I loved this entire series!  The author did an excellent job of creating characters I cared about.  I could relate to their feelings.  In this story, Sophie had such a generous and forgiving heart.  Her care of her once future mother-in-law was touching.  Her grief felt all too real.  Her faith and trust in God set a good example.  The captain’s willingness to keep his promise at great expense to himself and his enduring sense of honor were also compelling.  I hope to read more from this author in this genre!

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