Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Scavengers (Death & Texas #3)


Title: The Scavengers (A Death & Texas Western #3)
Author: William W. Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone
Pages: 331
Year: 2020
Publisher: Pinnacle
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Cullen McCabe is a man whose past still haunts him even when on a special assignment for the governor. Sherriff McCabe doesn’t wear his badge for all to see, and few know the real reason he shows up in towns or lends a helping hand. In his latest assignment, Cullen comes to see what is happening between two towns named East City and Ravenwood that are separated by a creek. There is more as to why the towns don’t join together and readers will enjoy the adventure as they discover why.
Micah Moran is a sheriff in East City and its his town; folks either do as he directs or there are dire consequences. The town is open to outlaws and there is only one way people can make a living and that’s by not standing up to Micah or his deputies. Now, Cullen begins to discover men he must take down in order for the town to be free after Micah hangs a woman for apparently stealing a horse.
It is this event that at times brings up the anger in Cullen, his nightmares from the past and his anger that drives the justice he brings. Throughout the novel readers will find themselves lost in the old west where the smell of smoke hangs in the air, citizens live on the edge since evil reigns and a tall stranger is about to shake the town awake.
Cullen McCabe is one of my favorite western characters from the Johnstone pen. He is a man whose past is littered with death though now he is trying to rebuild his life. In between working on his little cabin, he travels around the state of Texas to put out any fires the governor calls for him to face. Cullen is quite a man who would just as soon walk around unnoticed by people and left alone. But when he sees evil men like Micah and his deputies running rough shod over folks, he just can’t help stepping in to take care of them.
I couldn’t put the book down. The more I read, the more I wanted to find out how Cullen was going to help these folks break free! I like the feisty ladies, Hortense and Annie, who whipped up good vittles and ran a small boardinghouse that catered to decent folks. But make no mistake, these two ladies have lots of fight in them and speak their minds even when being bullied by Micah and his gang. It was enjoyable too to see a town stand against those who would rather see them enslaved and begin anew after Cullen takes care of business!
I can’t wait to see where Cullen is sent next and who he must stand against in order to defend those in need!
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