Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Diagnosis Death

Title:  Diagnosis Death (Prescription for Trouble #3)
Author:  Richard L. Mabry, M.D.
Pages:  292
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
                Richard Mabry brings us his third installment in the Prescription for Trouble series.  This time the drama and action take place in Dallas as well as Dainger, Texas.  Dainger was introduced in the first book of the series, Code Blue, and the main character from that story appears in this third book.
                Elena Gardner has only 30 days until she finishes her residency and starts her dream job of practicing family medicine.  She is still reeling from the death of her husband 6 months ago and the fact that she was the one to make the decision to put a Do Not Resuscitate order on his chart after he experienced an aneurysm.  The guilt she feels is overwhelming.  However, there are those who whisper she might have helped her husband on his way to his demise.  Elena doesn’t remember shutting off the machines that kept her husband alive, but maybe she is suppressing the memory.  Then, another patient she initially admits succumbs to the same fate of life support being turned off when everyone saw Elena in the room alone with the patient.  He also miraculously has a Do Not Resuscitate order on his chart with her signature.  Elena swears she didn’t sign the order.  What is going on?  Is someone trying to ruin her career?
                Elena depends on her one friend, David Merritt, to listen and offer her support.  He wants more than friendship, but is being patient while Elena deals with her grief and these new problems.  He is soon to finish his residency and begin practicing obstetrics in Dainger, Texas.  Coincidentally, Elena receives an offer to practice there as well.  She will be filling in for a doctor who will be out on maternity leave with the potential to join the practice as an associate.  She grabs this chance after her job offer with another physician is pulled out from under her.  The staff end her last 30 days early and she leaves for Dainger.  Will the phone calls that come every Tuesday at midnight continue in her new town?  She is hoping for a fresh start.
                This story has some similarities in characters and plot to book 2 in the series, so I am lowering my rating for some lack of originality.  However, the book is still worth reading as there is suspense and mystery to entertain.  This is a good addition to the series.  I will be reviewing the fourth book in the series here, so stay tuned for more medical suspense stories.
My rating is 4 stars.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medical Error

Title:  Medical Error (Prescription for Trouble #2)
Author:  Richard L. Mabry, M.D.
Pages:  262
Year:  2010
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
                This is the second book in Richard Mabry’s Prescription for Trouble series.  The first book is titled, Code Blue and was reviewed here previously.  This story is set in Texas, which is also where the author lives.  His experiential knowledge lends great detail and information to the story.
                Nick Valentine is a pathologist, trying to gain a promotion to assistant professor at a medical school.  He receives an order for an autopsy of a patient to be done stat.  Don’t all doctors want that?  He performs the autopsy, but has some questions when he is finished.  He contacts the doctor who had ordered the autopsy and they agree to meet.  Once he lays eyes on Dr. Anna McIntyre, Nick decides he would like more than a professional acquaintance.  He asks if he can help her with some other problems she is dealing with and she agrees.  Soon he is spending much more time with Anna and thinks they have the potential for a serious relationship.  Anna just wants to be friends until her problems are solved.  Is she just saying that so she can pursue a relationship with her attorney instead of Nick?
                Anna McIntyre is due to complete her residency in a month.  She had a job all lined up, but that was suddenly pulled out from under her.  She unexpectedly has a patient die and some blame her.  Someone is using her name and DEA number to prescribe narcotics, someone has used her credit cards fraudulently, her car breaks down and she must hire an attorney as she faces more and more serious legal problems with arrest looming on the horizon.  Due to these problems, she is temporarily suspended and charged by her attending physician with finding out who is prescribing these drugs.  She enlists Nick’s help.  She and her attorney both find each other attractive, but neither act on this.  Anna discovers she has feelings for Nick, but the timing couldn’t be worse.  The police are breathing down her neck, thinking she really is the one prescribing the drugs and just angry she got caught.  Is someone framing her?  Is there a connection between her identity theft and her dead patient?
                The storyline had the potential to be really good; however, I found this not to be true at the end of the book.  It was just average.  Nick’s behavior toward Anna sometimes borders on stalking.  There is not enough suspense and tension to create a feeling of anticipation for what’s going to happen next.  The story drags a bit.  I found the characters to be a bit shallow.  There was a good plot twist at the end.  I’ve read other books by this author that are better, and I still plan to read the next book in this series, Diagnosis Death.
My rating is 3 stars.
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Angels in the Fire

Title:  Angels in the Fire
Author:  Dann Stadler
Pages:  224
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany
                Choice:  The freedom to choose is a gift bestowed upon every human being created by God in His infinite wisdom with His equally infinite love.  Sometimes we make a wise choice and other times not so wise.  The consequence of both isn’t born by the one making the decision alone.  While it is true that we can see the consequences of our choosing quickly, other times we can’t begin to imagine the long term results that transpire.  Such is the true as well as inspiring story that begins with Dann & Tracy Stadler.
                I am sure no one except those with similar experiences can appreciate the pain and suffering they have gone through.  Their testimony is sure to reach into the hearts and minds of readers, challenging and encouraging everyone about the Lord.  The author does a wonderful job of giving the readers a glance into what their lives have been like since 1989.  Dann also shares the joys and sorrows, the pain and grief all enveloped with how their faith impacts their lives.  No one part of their life do they live without looking and trusting God.
                As I was reading each chapter, I could totally empathize in some ways how others were forever changed not only from the violent car crash, but also from the consequences thereof.  Not only do the physical, emotional and mental changes bring challenge to daily living, so also was their spiritual life ignited.  Without the grace of God they could have become embittered and walked away from Him.  When you read each page, you will see how choice or freewill can impact complete strangers.
                I do not doubt what is shared in the book at all even though many of their encounters with God and complete strangers I haven’t experienced.  I am not envious of them either.  If anything, I rejoice with them in the ways God has manifested Himself to them so uniquely at times.  Who alone would be able to do what He did?  No one!  One statistic Dann shares is that 75% of marriages break apart after such traumatic events, an astounding stat to be sure.  However, there are many ways the reader will be encouraged to seek the Lord whether life is stormy right now or calm.
                To read how God revealed Himself to complete strangers, used complete strangers and changed lives gives me goose bumps!  Their lives have not been easy and this side of heaven life will not be, but day by day walking by faith is something we all need to be reminded of especially in these times of turmoil.  I hope you take time to read about a couple who has shared what God has and is doing in their lives.
                My rating is 5 stars.
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Most Peculiar Circumstance

Title:  A Most Peculiar Circumstance
Author:  Jen Turano
Pages:  339
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
                Theodore Wilder is a wealthy, young man who runs his own private investigation business.  He is very good at his job.  Only a few know that this business is just a front and that he really works for the government.  He believes women should stay at home to take care of their children and their husbands.  They shouldn’t be subjected to thinking many thoughts beyond fashion, food and family.  When his best friend’s sister is late returning from a trip, he is dispatched on the simple errand of picking her up in Chicago and returning with her to New York.  Once he arrives in Chicago, he discovers she is not there and begins a month long search for her, culminating in discovering her to be in jail.  He bails her out and takes her home, all the while begin subjected to her women’s rights issues.  He finds her very attractive, but they definitely are not suited for each other.
                Arabella Beckett has always been different.  She gives no thought to her beauty, but invests in what she believes is her calling from God to better the lives of women.  She freely talks about God in her conversations without apology.  She speaks at suffrage rallies, championing the cause of women and their rights.  She also is intelligent and compassionate.  This caring heart leads her into a difficult situation where she finds herself the target of a crazy man.  Her “rescuer”, Mr. Wilder, is a caveman in his attitudes towards women even though he is very handsome.  After a particularly harrowing incident, Arabella re-evaluates her thinking about her calling.  Is she too bossy and arrogant?  Has she been wrong about God placing this venture on her heart?
                This is a refreshing story with witty and snappy dialogue.  I kept turning pages quickly to see when the two main characters would meet again and begin their back-and-forth banter and funny mutterings under their breath.  The characters were engaging, and some of the situations they found themselves in were very humorous.  I was reminded that God is no believer in social status and the manner in which several of the characters treated the “fallen” women in the story admirable; they welcomed them in to their homes, fed them and talked to them as real human beings.  All-in-all just a charming story that can be read in an afternoon as the pages will fly by and before you know it, you have reached to end of this delightful tale.
My rating is 4 stars.
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chronicles of Dinosauria

Title:  Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man
Author:  Dave Woetzel & Richard Dobbs
Pages:  88
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Master Books; Reprint edition (April 3, 2013)
This book points Christians and non-Christians to strong, compelling evidence that man and dinosaurs coexisted.  When this planet and the universe were in the midst of being created, among the animals that God created were the dinosaurs; however, their reign on this earth didn’t last very long. After the Flood and the Ice Age, “the Golden Age of the Great Reptiles had ended”.  Today, many people are being led to believe that dinosaurs existed billions and billions of years ago.  However, this book points out strong evidences that dinosaurs and man coexisted.  There is fossil evidence, like fossil beds where fossils of dinosaur bones are mixed together with the bones of other animals like mammals. Historical and artistic evidence, where dragons are said to be based on the dinosaurs, and because man feared them, they hunted them down to extinction.  There are even biblical evidence and eyewitness reports of strange creatures seen in the past and present, like the Loch Ness monster, the Leviathan, and the Behemoth.
I would recommend this book to others because this book gives strong evidence that man and Dinosaurs coexisted, and were not separated by a period of millions of years.  I personally liked the descriptions of dinosaurs and the Biblical references that strongly show that God our Creator, created man and dinosaur together at the beginning of time.  I also liked the historical and artistic evidence that show that dinosaurs were hunted to extinction after the Flood and the Ice Age.  So, I strongly recommend this book to others.  Trust me you will enjoy this book as much as I did!
Rating: 5 stars
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at