Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gold Trap

Title:  Gold Trap:  A Tale of High Adventure and Divine Appointment
Author:  Lilly Maytree
Pages:  274
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Harbourlight Books
This story begins with Megan Jennings stepping into the past, figuratively, to follow in the footsteps of one of her heroes, Mary Kingsley.  Megan has joined a budget tour to Africa to visit and learn about voodoo practices there.  Megan figures she will skip that part of the tour and just visit the landmarks, cities and shops.  She is a Christian and wants nothing to do with voodoo.  A chance meeting in a café in Paris right before her flight to catch up with the tour in Africa gets the adventure started.
Tom Anderson is a film producer, son to a famous film maker and now professor.  Tom receives an urgent call from Megan that his father is unwell.  He drops everything to come to his aid only to discover his father missing and Megan with his wallet and passport.  Is Megan the same woman he saw at the café in Paris?  How can she be involved in his father’s kidnapping?  He doesn’t trust her at first, but soon realizes she is an innocent bystander just trying to do the Christian thing by taking care of his father.  Tom has only been a Christian for a year, but decides he and Megan have a divine appointment to meet and accomplish something wonderful and significant together.
After Megan and Tom team up, the journey and action never let up.  There is always something going on either between Tom and Megan or any of a variety of other characters introduced throughout the story.  The characters are a part of the story that I thought added depth.  It was interesting to learn a few things about African culture.
I thought this story had an interesting plot, but it was sometimes hard to follow and a bit disjointed to me.  I did like that Meg has a dream to travel to Africa, and she had the guts to follow through with her dream.  It certainly doesn’t turn out the way she planned it, but it was an interesting journey nonetheless.  I thought the main male character, Tom, needed to be defined just a bit better as the “good” guy as I wasn’t sure through most of the book if he was just acting like a Christian or really was one.  I loved the character of the professor; what a feisty guy!  I will be reviewing another of Lilly Maytree’s books here soon titled, The Pandora’s Box.
My rating is 4 stars.
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