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Title:  Indebted
Author:  Braxton DeGarmo
Pages:  398
Year:  2013
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
Oh, what a great novel!  More twists and turns than any makers of taffy can make!  This is a heartfelt story of a young woman fleeing the rage of an alcoholic father, widowed and desperate.  On top of that, he hurt his daughter in the worst way.  Alice Cummings was single mother in North Carolina.  Her father sold her son, his grandson, after slipping her a mickey to ensure she wouldn’t wake up while he took the baby.
As time progresses, so do the adventures of Alice as she seeks to find her son.  Without money or education what options are available?  The readers meet a well known author who also has met some tragedy in her life that she has tried to silence with wine.  While being successful has made Myra wealthy, it hasn’t made her happy only more lonely and under great stress to produce more novels.
Now enters a lawyer who, in time, is running for the local Senate seat.  While having had a happy marriage, raised great kids and a grandchild to dote on, there is something that keeps him awake at night.  As the reader turns the pages, it seems that while he tries to maintain his current happiness someone from the past is threatening to tear it all down.
At first, when I started reading the novel, I couldn’t quite put all the pieces together.  The author is a master storyteller, using flashback to help build the climax of the plot while integrating present day events.  The time of the stories past is in the sixties when moonshine was running rampant and secrets could be covered up without fear of the truth ever being unearthed.
I kept wondering how all the pieces were going to fit together and when they did what would the end look like.  When I got there, what I read just caught me by surprise and I marveled at the way the novel was written.  I never saw the conclusion playing out as it did.  Well done Braxton!  Just so you know there are a few curse words, but nothing that detracts from the novel or the way one woman comes into the storyline, sharing her Christian faith with an aging writer.  Plan on getting caught up with the mystery, intrigue, along with some very unique characters.  I look forward to reading more from the truly gifted pen of Braxton DeGarmo.  He has a fan for life!
My rating is 5 stars!
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